Meet My Band

Jeff "gator" Guard


I've been playin' drums most of my life and love laying down a country groove or a hard core dance beat.  Playing drums with the Ken Earl and Shameless show is a fantastic experience.  Come on down and get yer Cha Cha on!

"for God, Country, and  a little Rock and Roll"

Bradley "Tank" Robson


Born in Southern California I started playing country Music with my Stepfather at age 13,  I was 17 when I joined the US Air Force and was able retire from the service.  "God Bless the USA and Our Vets!"
I have always had a passion for music, even while serving my country I was able to serve part of my career in the prestigious "Air Tops in Blue" entertaining my fellow countrymen all around the world.
After many endevours in the music community, I have now found a home and family with Ken Earl and Shameless.  

"God Bless Johnny Cash".

Shaun "Nicky" Nicklin

Pedel Steel, Dobro, Banjo, and Acoustic

Shaun is the newest member of the Shameless Family and has quickly become a key member of the band filling in all the right gaps! Born and raised in Kansas Nicky is a huge part of the Kanarado Blugrass scene and a welcome addition!

"That ain't a slide.... this is a SLIDE"


This is my band and these are my boys!

Come on out and see a show and be part of this amazing experience!